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Mission Statement

Ulster Language Services’ commitment to all clients is to provide high quality language services at all times in an efficient and affordable manner and by using a team of qualified and experienced linguists.


Ulster Language Services Quality Policy is to:

  • Clearly identify clients requirements
  • Comply with clients specifications
  • Keep the client informed of progress at all times
  • Carefully screen each ULS linguist
  • Select the most appropriate ULS team member for each project
  • Confirm that all ULS linguists are directly responsible for the quality of their own work
  • Proofread and check all translations before they are sent to clients
  • Regularly check all work carried out to maintain high levels of quality at all times
  • Always meet agreed deadlines
  • Seek client feedback


Ulster Language Services will guarantee all translation work . Should an error or errors be identified by a client after the translation is delivered, corrections will be carried out free of charge.


A client can cancel a project after it is ordered as long as the work has not begun. Should a client cancel a project which is in progress, they will be charged for that portion of the work already completed. This applies to translations as well as interpreting assignments and courses when work may commence before the actual assignment date, or in case of late cancellations. Contact us for further details.


All work carried out by Ulster Language Services will be treated as confidential and the content of any documentation provided by a client to ULS will not be revealed to any party other than the ULS linguist (s) commissioned for each project .

Confidentiality Agreements can be provided.

Code of Conduct

All ULS linguists will agree to comply with the Code of Professional Conduct of the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting.

Privacy Statement & Cookie Policy

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Public and Products Liability

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